Microwave Advantages
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  • The famous “conchon du lait” (young suckling pig), which is what we in Louisiana call a “roast pig dinner,” serves as a good example for the advantages of using a Cajun Microwave instead of the open fire roasting method:

  • the weather is not an issue (can’t have a fire in the rain)

  • legal in cities where fires are prohibited (cook on your porch or courtyard)

  • no need for large amounts of wood (use charcoal or small pieces of wood)

  • wheels make it easily portable

  • more efficient than open fire (4-6 hrs, depending on size and amount of heat applied—which may be a shorter cooking time than open fire method)

  • can cook other items along side the meat—it’s a wooden oven that allows you to cook for up to 75 people at a time!!!!

  • options such as grills mounted on top of lid and lets you cook “double duty” ---large pieces of meat inside the box, burgers, hot dogs, bbq chicken and other items on top—at the same time!

  • It is also a wonderful conversation piece - center of attention for your party!
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Cajun Microwave in the back of Rob's truck
Inside viwe of the Cajun Microwave
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