Directions to Alvin and Jean Moreau’s House

157 Johnson Rd

Marksville, LA 71351

Hm. Ph: (318)253-6776 w/voice mail

Cell Ph: (318)447-3197 w/voice mail

From Baton Rouge (should take approx 1 hr and 45 minutes)

Take I-10 west over the Mississippi River. Exit to Hwy 190 (right)—called “Lobdell” exit (I think hwy 415?---it goes to Hwy 190).   You’ll go a couple of miles and the road will curve (makes a loop) sharply to the left under the Hwy 190 overpass, thereby putting you on Hwy 190, going towards Irwinville and later New Roads. Go about 8-10 miles. After going thru the red light at Irwinville, go approx 1 miles and exit right to Hwy 1 (north towards New Roads and later Marksville---the exit sign actually says “Marksville”). As you approach New Roads, False River will be on your right (plantation homes on your left). Follow signs to continue on Hwy 1, turning left at the traffic light by the McDonalds and Dairy Queen, then cross the railroad tracks and go left at the caution light (north) which continues as Hwy 1. Go thru the towns of Morganza, Innis, Simsport, Moreauville, Mansura and finally Marksville (just outside of Marksville you’ll pass the large Casino on your right). Once in Marksville, turn right on Washington Street (the Union Bank is on your right). You’ll pass the Church on your right. This road is Hwy 115/107. Continue, passing up the turn off for the Avoyelles Humana Hospital (stay on Hwy 115/107). About 2 miles from that point take a right on Hwy 1192 (which is also called the “Johnson Road”). Go down that road for about 2 miles before coming to a stop sign. Take a left and you’ll immediately cross a small bridge. The house in the first one on the left after the bridge (brick house with a large red and white barn next to it).

From Shreveport (should take 2 ½-3 hours):

Take I-49 South. On the south side of Alexandria, take Hwy 71 South exit. Go to first caution light (intersection of Hwy 3170, adjacent to LSUA). Take a left. Hwy 3170 dead ends into Hwy 1. Take a right on Hwy 1. Go about 20 miles or so and turn left on Hwy 1192. Go about 2 miles to Hwy 115/107. Take a left. Go 100 yards. Take a right on Hwy 1192 (what some locals call the “old Johnson Road”). Go 2 miles to a stop sign. Turn left on the Johnson Road. Cross little wooden bridge. First house on left is it (with big red barn in driveway). Cajun Microwave will be under the patio (behind house). Bring a tarp of some sort with rope to cover it up in case it rains on the trip back—otherwise metal pan will rust unless oiled, and wood could become discolored.

From Lafayette (should take less than 1 ½ hours):

Take I-49 north. You'll see an exit that says "Bunkie, next two exits." Take the first one, which says "St. Landry Parish" (it is an exit to Hwy 106). Go right on Hwy 106. Go 1/2 mile, and it dead ends into Hwy 29. Go left on Hwy 29, which will then soon dead end onto Hwy 71. Go left on Hwy 71. Go two blocks to the red light, and turn right on Hwy 115 (at the red light). Go about 3 miles, and turn left at the Caution Light where the Prison is. This is where Hwy 115 continues (so after you turn left at the caution light, you'll still be on Hwy 115). Continue on Hwy 115 all the to Marksville. Go thru Marksville on this same road (in town it is called Main St). After going through Marksville, you will soon come to Hwy 1192 (signs for the Hospital will also be shown). Turn right on Hwy 1192. You'll see hospital on your right. You are now about 4-5 miles from the house. Hwy 1192 will make a couple turns--one big one by a grocery store---but stay on the main blacktop road. You'll also go over two small bridges that cross small bayous. About 4 or 5 miles from the hospital, you'll come to a "Y" in the road where 1192 sharply turns back to the left. Go straight here (not left) and you'll cross the second bridge. My parent’s house is the first one on the left right after the bridge—brick house with large red metal garage/barn on the left side. The address is 157 Johnson Road, Marksville, LA 71351.