RECIPE FOR CONCHON DU’ LAIT (Young Suckling Roast Pig)

Have a butcher clean and dress a young pig, ranging from 35-90 lbs. Make sure all hair and blood is removed. Remove head. Trim feet to fit in microwave. Stuff pig with lots of fresh garlic on both sides. Coat in a seasoning mix (i.e., Tony Chachare’s or some other brand of salt, red and black pepper, onion and garlic salt, and other spices). Place skin side up to start in order to get the skin and grease cooking early. Light a fire of coals or wood on top of microwave (approx 10-20 lbs at a time), being careful not to create too much heat immediately which may burn pig (you may have to keep the lid open or place a piece of tin foil over the pig while fire takes) or may burn the box. Keep good heat—approx. 225 degrees F to 275 degrees F: once you go over 275 you risk burning the box - for about 4-6 hours– total amount of charcoal needed may be 60-70 lbs for 4x2x2 box. Check pig every 45 minutes, turning approx every hour and a half. Pour 1 can of beer on skin 30 minutes before it is done to create a crispy “crackling” skin. Serve with fresh sweet potatoes, garlic bread and other items, many of which may also be cooked inside microwave. Periodically “screen out” ash from lid as you add more charcoal or wood (ash can serve as an “insulator” and prevent enough heat needed for the cooking process).

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